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  2015 Timetable
For enrolments please call 38053385 or 0408783348


Term One: Tuesday 27th January - Thursday 2nd April 
Term Two: Monday 20th April – Friday 26th June
Term Three: Monday
13th April – Friday 18th June
Term Four: Tuesday 6th October – Friday 4th December

Classes are held on Student Free Days designated by the Dept of Education
  Classes are not held on public holidays however depending on dates for exam sessions, some classed
may be scheduled.
Monday Monday Monday Monday
3.30-4.15 Test 1 Ballet 3.45-4.30 Test 3 Tap 3.30-4.30 Bronze Star Ballet 4.30-5.30 Gold Medal Ballet
4.30-5.15 Test 1 Jazz 4.30-5.30 Bronze Star Tap 4.30-5.30 Test 3 Jazz    
5.30-6.45 Elementary & Above  Ballet 1 5.30-6.30 Gold Medal Tap 5.45-6.45 Level 6 Hip Hop    
6.45-7.45 Level 8 Hip Hop 6.45-7.45 Silver Medal
Ballet 1
6.45-8.30 Open Intensive    
Tuesday STUDIO 1 Tuesday STUDIO 2 Tuesday STUDIO 3 Tuesday STUDIO 4
9.30 - 10.30 Magic Movers            
3.45-4.30 Test 2 Tap 3.45-4.30 Test 3 Ballet 3.30-4.30 Bronze Medal Tap 4.30-5.30 Level 5 Hip Hop
4.30-5.30 Elementary Above Ballet 4.30-5.15 Level 3 Hip Hop 4.30-5.15 test 2 Ballet 5.30-6.30 Bronze Star Jazz
5.30-6.30 Level 4-5 Contemporary 5.30-6.00 Musical Theatre 1 5.15-6.30 Silver Star Jazz    
6.30-7.30 Elementary & Above Tap 6.30-7.30 Silver Star Ballet 1        
7.30-8.30 Open Jazz        
Wednesday STUDIO 1 Wednesday STUDIO 2 Wednesday STUDIO 3 Wednesday STUDIO 4
3.30-4.30 Silver Medal & Star Ballet 2 3.30-4.15 Test 1 Tap     4.30-5.30 Level 3 Contemporary
4.30-5.30 Silver Medal Jazz Level 1 Hip Hop 4.30-5.30 Bronze Medal Jazz 5.30-6.30 Level 1-2 Contemporary
5.30-6.30 Level 9 Hip Hop 5.30-6.30 Bronze Medal Ballet 5.30-6.45 Gold Medal Jazz 6.30-7.45 Elementary Jazz
6.45-7.45 Advanced Jazz 6.45-7.45 Gold Medal Ballet        
7.45-8.45 Level 11 & 12 Hip Hop        
Thursday STUDIO 1 Thursday STUDIO 2 Thursday STUDIO 3 Thursday STUDIO 4
9.30-10.30 Kreative Kids            
4.00-4.45 Test 2 Jazz     3.45-4.45 Level 7 Hip Hop    
4.45-5.30 Level 2 Hip Hop 4.45-5.45 Silver Medal Tap 4.45-5.45 Silver Star Tap    
5.45-6.15 Musical Theatre 2     5.45-6.45 Mini Cheer 8
& Under
    6.45-8.00 Senior Cheer 10-18 years    
    8.00-9.00 Open Cheer over 14    
Friday STUDIO 1 Friday STUDIO 2 Friday STUDIO 3 Friday STUDIO 4
3.45-5.00 8 & Under Intensive Team 3.45-5.00 12 & Under Intensive Team    
5.15-6.30 10 & Under  Intensive Team 5.15-6.30 15 & Under Intensive Team    
6.30-7.45 Youth Cheer 11
& Under
Saturday STUDIO 1 Saturday STUDIO 2 Saturday STUDIO 3 Saturday STUDIO 4
9.00-10.00 First Steps 9.15-9.45 Mini Tumbling
10.15-11.15 Bright Beginnings 10.00-11.00 Level 1 Tumbling
11.15-12.15 Level 2 Tumbling    
        12.15-1.15 Level 3 Invite Only    


NB- Time subject to change - Room No may change depending on numbers

Important Dates to Remember

Exam Session 1:  TBC

Exam Session 2: TBC

Exam Session 3:  TBC

ATOD QLD State Scholarships: TBC
(Subject to Confirmation)

ATOD State Comps: TBC

Concert Photo Shoots: TBC

Full Dress Rehearsal at LEC: TBC

End of Year Shows (Logan Entertainment Centre) : TBC

Kreative Kids  - aimed at ages 2 1/2  to 5 years.
This class is intended for our youngest students who love to fantasize, imagine, play games and move melodiously.  This Pre-Dance class will encompass two genre: Classical Ballet, Tap and Jazz.  Dance and movement is introduced through play based learning.  This class is fun, high energy and imaginative.  Our teachers are adults who are experience and love sharing their passion with children.  If you are looking for a class to keep your little one active during the week, then this is for you.


First Steps  - aimed at ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years.
This class is particularly designed for our youngest students who are prepared for a little longer class. First Steps is the same basis as our Kreative Kids class, although this class also includes Tap dancing. This class would suit the busy or working parent who may find week day classes difficult. Once again our Teacher in charge is an adult who has assistance from aspiring junior Teachers.  First Steps is a high energy, inspiring & enjoyable introduction to various styles of dance.


Bright Beginnings  - aimed at 3 1/2 to 5 years
This class is specially designed for our students who love make-believe, drama and singing and games but really want to DANCE! This class is based on ATOD Pre-School Level 2 syllabi and prepares students gradually for a more structured Dance Studio environment. As with the our First Steps, this class will introduce dance and movement and will encompass three genre: Classical Ballet, Tap & Jazz. This would suit the busy or working parent who may find week day classes difficult.  This class is high energy, creative & a fun introduction to various styles of dance.


Cheerleading classes
Cheerleading, as a sport, has grown over the past few years and interest in our local community has also.  We currently run 3 regular Cherr classes, starting with our littlest cheerleaders in Mini Cheer for the 8 & under age group.  Youth Cheer for the 9-11 yers and Senior Cheers for 12yrs  and over. All cheer teams compete in 3 cheer comps annually.  Thsi sport will incorporate dance acro skills, lifts andstunts and general team spirit.


Intensive Classes
These classes are for those students who are in the Silhouette Dance Performance team. To be eligible to attend these classes students and their carers must show dedication to general class attendance, grooming, and etiquette/ protocol and have suitable dance/performance skills. Commitment, enthusiasm, perseverance. This class is by invitation only and requires students to perform in up to 4 Eisteddfod competitions a year along with local events such as Fetes, fundraisers, promotional and charity events.



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