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Term One – commences Sat 28th January 2017

Enrolment     Sat 21st Jan 9.30-11.30, Mon 23rd Jan 5.30-6.30

Term Two – commences Tue 18th April 2017

Exam session 1               End term 2 (dates TBC)

ATOD Scholarships       End May (dates TBC)

ATOD Comps                  24th/25th June

Term Three – commences Mon 10th July 2017

Exam session 2                Early August (dates TBC)

Exam session 3                Early-Mid Sept (dates TBC)

Term Four – commences Tue 3rd October 2017

Concert Photo sessions 24th/25th November         (Trinity College)

Awards Presentation     25th November                    (Trinity College)

Stage/Dress Rehearsal 26th November                    (Logan Entertainment Centre)

End of Year Concert      2nd December                     (Logan Entertainment Centre)







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